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Welcome to RCM Industries’ die casting videos gallery! Below you will find videos streaming directly from our corporate YouTube page! 

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Diecasting: CNC Automated Part Machining, Washing & Drying 

Diecasting automation technology: Save money with CNC machining, parts washing and drying with Poka-yoke error proofing.  Ready for packing.

Imperial Die Casting Video 

Seeking to understand your metal die casting needs & provide you help where & when you need it in manufacturing automation. RCM has earned the respect of manufacturers across the globe with lean manufacturing & we can give you real results in your die casting needs. With 60 die casting machines running around the clock, you can be sure that we can get you your die cast parts on time & on budget. 

Die Casting Video at Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois

With lean manufacturing, RCM has earned the respect of manufacturers Worldwide & we can give you real results in your die casting needs. Metal die casting machines are running 24/7 to get you your die cast parts where and when you need them on time & on budget. Specifications of this die casting machine are listed in the video.

Die Casting Manufacturing Automation Video

Almost a 100% fully automated die casting machine with drone footage! See how RCM’s die casting with robotic automation benefits you in many industries & many ways. Customers said: “RCM provides reliable, quality products that are engineered to meet my company’s needs.” “Our products are delivered on-time and improves my operations which saves us time and money.”

Aluminum Die Casting Capabilities Video

To OEM Engineers, OEM Purchasing Agents and OEM Purchasing Managers: RCM Industries has die casting manufacturing plants with a wide variety of capabilities in high-pressure aluminum die casting, CNC machining and finishing to meet your needs in many different industries. Manufacturers around the globe have trusted RCM Industries since 1951 as their most reliable source for aluminum die casting solutions. You can discover more by watching the video now!


What is the Casting Manufacturing Process Video

See the metal die casting process video from an educational resource. Filmed at Aallied Die Casting Co. of Illinois, you will find that it focuses on fundamentals of die casting in relation to the permanent mold and sand casting processes. As an OEM Design Engineer or OEM Purchasing Agent you will benefit with manufacturing automation technology in designing your metal die casting parts in APQP ( Advanced Product Quality Planning ), Process Simulation, Tech Reviews, Tooling Design and with Part Production Monitoring. That’s because Die Casting Manufacturing Automation is not just Robotics. Automation Saves You Money!

Diecasting Manufacturing

Custom Aluminum Diecasting, CNC Machining & Finishing. Metal Flow Simulation Technology, Metal Handling, Automated Diecasting Cells, Porosity Control, High Density Casting, Process Monitoring.

Diecasting Capabilities Mini Videos

RCM Manufacturing Capabilities ‘Mini-Clips’
The CNC machining cell featured in this mini-clip is a perfect illustration of the extensive machining capabilities of RCM Industries.

CNC Machining Multi-Operation ‘Mini-Clip’
A dual robot cell mini-clip of the Imperial Die Casting manufacturing operations. Imperial Die Casting is a division of RCM Industries located in Liberty, SC, that utilizes robotics and automation in the die casting industry.

Diecasting Safety Training Videos

Die Casting Educational Videos

Die Casting Safety Training Video

Die Casting Safety Training Video (Spanish)