“Tool Design Meets Challenges”- RCM Industries Case Study Featured in Modern Casting!

modern casting cover sept 16 4

Imperial Die Casting, a division of RCM Industries, was featured in the September 2016 issue of Modern Casting Magazine- A Publication of the American Foundry Society (AFS)! The case study focuses on specific challenges Imperial (Liberty, South Carolina) overcame to produce high quality aluminum die castings with an inherited tool design.

“When a part’s design is already locked in but proving difficult to produce, the solutions must be found in creative tooling and casting process procedures”.

At first glance, the automotive electrical housing appeared to be a standard aluminum die casting with few features that would cause concern during production. The 1.74-lb. part houses the circuit board and stepper motors that control the shifting of the transmission and has an annual volume of 1.2 million. Though the part looks simple, significant challenges stemmed from the tolerances, low porosity, leak tightness and surface finish requirements, with limited changes allowed by the customer. This brought on challenges in design and process that required extensive analysis of the part.

With a focus on tool design and quality production processes, Imperial met these obstacles, and has been producing the part at high volume, serial production rates since 2011.

Click here to view the full article in Modern Casting for details on Imperial’s journey: Tool Design Meets Challenges- Full Article.

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