Lean Manufacturing in Aluminum Diecasting

If you want to be successful in manufacturing, you need to follow lean manufacturing which was revitalized by The Toyota Production System.  Success of the production system is based on five lean manufacturing concepts. RCM is a die cast company that follows lean manufacturing and the concepts below which includes:

  1. Identifying what is important to customers.  Is it:
  2. Mapping out the flow of the production process
  3. Creating processes that benefits customers from concept to delivery
  4. Creating a better connection with customers that include a more efficient just in time delivery process with less waste
  5. Including continuous improvement in the die cast manufacturing process

Download the 5S in Lean Manufacturing infographic.




Inland Die Casting 5S Updates

5S Maintenance Inland Die Casting
While implementing the 5S program, the maintenance room got a new paint job and new lighting that brightened the room, making things easier to find.  The floor layout was redesigned to better utilize available space and new signage was added for organization and quick reference.  Hangers were installed to organize cables to control material inventory. Bins were labeled with minimum and maximum amounts for inventory control and part numbers for rapid reference for re-ordering.


5S Reverse Osmosis System Area
In this area, the floor was power washed and painted.  Measurements of the floor were taken to determine where signage would be located on the floor. Signs were placed on the floor and coated with a protective epoxy layer.  A safety railing was installed to keep out unauthorized personnel.  Directional labeling was placed on the pipes showing both intake and outtake directions.

Die-Casting-Lean-Manufacturing-Reverse-Osmosis5S Maintenance Library
The library was restructured to utilize the space in the best way possible. Die casting machine manuals were labeled with the machine cell number for quick reference. New lighting fixtures were added to brighten a dimly lit room.   A parts sign out sheet was added to keep track of who has what materials and where the materials could be located.


5S Maintenance Supply Room
The 5S project in the maintenance supply room began with sorting, setting things in order and painting the walls.  New storage racks were installed for appropriate materials and new lighting was installed for better visibility.  Now, every piece of equipment has a designated spot and label so things can be found quickly and easily.  Supplies were labeled with min’s and max’s so employees would know when something should be ordered, how many and the part number for quick reference on a purchase order.