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What makes RCM stand out in aluminum diecasting manufacturing?

For nearly 70 years, manufacturers around the globe have trusted RCM Industries as their most reliable source for die casting manufacturing solutions. But why? We asked customers what exactly it is that stands out about RCM, and why these qualities give them confidence that RCM can meet their die casting needs. Read below to see for yourself what customers said and what RCM can do for you.

Product Reliability and Quality in Aluminum Die Casting

Why do customers choose RCM?  There was a strong consensus in the feedback we received that our products’ reliability and quality was a major reason companies choose RCM. It is important for you to have confidence that each die cast part you receive is of the highest quality, which is why:

  • Every RCM Industries division conforms to IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management Systems
  • Each team member who participates in your custom casting project is accountable for product quality
  • All manufacturing facilities maintain a quality assurance laboratory which is capable of effectively managing product compliance to your specifications
  • At each stage of die casting, process monitoring and quality audits occur to uphold strict density and porosity standards for your die cast parts

As well as product reliability and quality, customers praised RCM’s abilities to handle large volume accounts with continuous improvement. All of these factors are to ensure you get the quality products you deserve.

A Well-Respected Aluminum Casting Manufacturing Company

In nearly seventy years, the Aallied Die Casting Manufacturing Company has transformed from a dirt floor garage into RCM Industries – one of the largest privately owned companies of its kind, serving customers around the globe in different industries with high quality custom castings.

In that time, RCM has acquired exceptional industry knowledge and earned the respect of customers who trust us time after time to provide what they need.  This trust, experience, and respect was another common response from customers as to why they enjoy working with RCM. In fact, customers said that their previous experiences with RCM are what makes them confident in us, and that we have demonstrated our die cast manufacturing capabilities with current customers to instill that same confidence in future ones.

Die Cast Manufacturing Capabilities

Customers stated that experiencing RCM’s die cast manufacturing capabilities such as plant tours and meeting with engineers is a large influencer deciding on choosing RCM as their die casting partner. See for yourself by reading the corporate wide summary of our die casting capabilities, scheduling your plant tour or scheduling your meeting today!

Advantages in working with RCM in engineering capabilities and advanced technology

On Time Delivery

What good are quality and reliable parts if they are not delivered to you on time? One of the tangible benefits customers said they gain from working with RCM is on time delivery. It is crucial for you to receive parts that are not sitting in the warehouse for more than 24 hours. All four divisions, Imperial, Inland, and Aallied in North Carolina and Illinois, are strategically located to meet the die cast manufacturing, machining, and finishing needs of a wide variety of markets. Both of the Aallied Die Casting Companies and Inland offer a full-range of rapid-prototyping services and can assist you in determining the best process to meet your timing requirements. Efficiency and speed of delivery is equally as important as quality and reliability.


MAGMASOFT ® Simulation Technology

RCM’s engineers can determine the best process parameters for ensuring part quality by using MAGMASOFT® metal flow simulation technology.  Click here to see a video demonstration. magmasoft video thumbnail


The ability to pick the right material for customer applications, the speed and detail of providing customers quotes, consistent communication and responsiveness to customers, and improved oper-ability with less downtime were other factors that customers said they appreciated from RCM Industries.

For further information regarding any of our processes or capabilities, please write us at [email protected] or call 847-455-1950.