What should I expect in Aluminum Die Casting Quality Control?

You should expect your die casting partner to conform to IATF 16949:2016 Certification in Quality Management System for Diecasting Parts and RCM does just that. What will you experience from RCM?:

  • Excellent accountability for product quality in every team member who participates in your custom aluminum die cast project
  • Continuous performance improvements which are measured by industry-wide metrics that drive our team to meet your quality standards
  • An integrated organization that applies die-casting manufacuturing automation and process controls at every stage of production for every industry served
Aluminum Die Casting Quality Control Management Systems

To ensure you the best in quality assurance, each RCM manufacturing facility:

  • Maintains laboratory and measurement areas that are capable of effectively managing product compliance to meet your specifications
  • Consistently maintains strict aluminum density and porosity standards, process monitoring and quality audits occur at every stage of the aluminum die casting process
  • Monitors, tests, and analyzes each of customized casting cycle to your exacting standards
  • Participates in Quality Assurance and Lean Manufacturing  training that demonstrates expertise in Statistical Process Control procedures

How does MAGMASOFT® Simulation Technology help in my aluminum diecasting needs?

To determine the best process parameters for ensuring quality in your customized die casting, RCM’s engineers utilize the latest MAGMASOFT® metal flow simulation technology. To ensure you receive finished parts with the best pressure tightness possible, your casting aluminum experts use RCM’s industry leading simulation techniques to develop the optimal metal injection and cooling process for your die.

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How can RCM help me in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)?

RCM employees discuss Advanced Product Quality Planning

To keep up with your demands, RCM:

  • Utilizes formal Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) activities in compliance with our certification in
    ISO/TS 16949; 2009 quality operating system (QOS)
  • Reviews your part design to improve castability and/or eliminate further processing to reduce total part pricing
  • Reduces machining stock on machined castings that will minimize the likelihood of porosity

What can I expect from RCM in Aluminum Die Casting Quality Control?

For accuracy in process of die casting your parts, they will be:

  • Compared in production to three-dimensional models stored in our database with coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
  • Gaged and variances between the parts and 3D models will be determined and in-production controls will be incorporated as needed
  • Measured by using the coordinate measuring machines in each of RCM’s four divisions

To ensure you the best quality control standards, you can expect a full review of all factors involved in production, including:

  • Project management with clear and well managed procedures
  • Performance and integrity standards, and
  • Documentation of records

RCM’s QC lab capabilities include:

  • Spectrometers for metallurgical analysis of aluminum alloys
  • Destructive testing
  • Pressure and leak testing
  • Gaging
  • Real-time shot monitoring
  • Real-time x-ray

For additional details pertaining to RCM’s extensive utilization of real-time shot monitoring, please visit our manufacturing expertise page. You can be confident that regardless of standard or customized design specifications the RCM team will closely monitor your parts for visual and structural accuracy during every production run.