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RCM’s expertise as an automated aluminum die casting manufacturer is evident through extensive commitment to state-of-the-art process monitoring, meticulous metal handling procedures, tooling maintenance, and robotic automation technology in all areas of the die casting process.

When you look at the big picture in custom die casting, other aluminum die casting manufacturer’s offer similar attributes, but for top value and performance, the sum total is what really counts. This is why the RCM Industries family of companies has been able to provide best practices in quality castings to customers for over 65 years.

The end result: RCM Industries provides cost- efficient high quality aluminum die castings that satisfies customers.

Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

How does RCM as an Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer Utilize Advanced Production Monitoring?

State of the Art Process Monitoring

RCM Industries is a world leader in the utilization of state of the art production monitoring techniques. As a part of RCM’s robust Research & Development program, capital has been invested towards the upgrade of Shotscope NX. Shotscope is an integrated process and web-based production monitoring system built directly into the die casting machines.

This technology automatically captures all process and production data for permanent record, as well as real-time from anywhere. Using this data, RCM is able to allocate jobs where they will run most efficiently, track process data to improve quality, track maintenance of all plant equipment, and transfer data to and from other ERP systems.

In summary, RCM is able to view current and historical specific production metrics corporate wide, plant wide, or machine specific from anywhere so that issues are identified early and corrective actions are taken sooner. You are welcome to visit any of our four die casting divisions for a detailed tour of our process monitoring utilization.

production metrics

How Your Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer Manages Meticulous Metal Handling Procedures

All RCM Industries facilities have longstanding supplier relationships for procuring and inventorying alloys.  RCM’s wide range of aluminum alloys support more custom applications across more vertical industries. Please visit our die casting alloy information page for additional information on the alloys cast by RCM Industries.

Our network of energy-efficient furnaces and meticulous metal handling procedures ensure the highest quality of molten aluminum. This enhances our ability to produce tight tolerance castings for a variety of machining applications.

die casting alloy

Extended Tool Life Maximizes Your Product Investment

Each RCM Industries division procures tooling from various domestic partners in addition to global partners. All suppliers are subject to performance and financial audits by RCM, and are required to be IATF 16929:2016 certified for automotive work. A corporate matrix is kept which outlines performance, cost, and delivery metrics to ensure that your parts are cast from the highest quality die cast tooling possible.

RCM’s engineering staff tracks the quantity of individual parts that every die casting tool produces. Tooling maintenance practices extend casting cycles and adhere to the quality standards set forth by industry governing associations, such as the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA).


For certain applications, RCM’s three-plate technique can produce higher density castings that improve the strength and balance of your final part, thus increasing its durability and application.

Traditional two-plate die casting procedures introduce molten metal into one slide of a part cavity, altering heat dispersion that can result in finished parts with an unbalanced structure. The third plate fully encloses the die and introduces molten metal to the center of each cavity, meaning metal travels a shorter distance through the mold. This stabilizes the temperature from the center, creating a balanced and higher density casting.

Robotic Automation Technology Saves You Money

As your aluminum die casting Manufacturer, each of RCM Industries die casting division utilizes robust automation features in all areas of the manufacturing process.

Fully automated die casting cells ranging from 500 to 2000 tons feature vacuum assist processes for porosity control, automatic alloy ladling, die spraying, and casting extraction for repeatability and consistency. In addition, Shotscope NX is integrated directly into the die cast robots, featuring an auto-cast feature.

Fully automated die casting cells
CNC Machining operations

Many of RCM’s extensive CNC Machining operations follow lean manufacturing principles and feature automation and robotics. Machining equipment is selected with a heavy emphasis on “right sizing” for specific customer applications. High speed equipment is chosen allowing for hydraulic and pneumatic clamping, depending on part geometry and requirements, thus reducing the overall cost.