Aluminum Die Casting: Investments in the Latest Technology

CNC Machines and Lathes in Die Casting

Investments at RCM have included upgrading and investing in six new Kiwa KH-4500 horizontal CNC machining centers.  All are equipped with 1G Plus acceleration and deceleration rates.  Increased speed and accuracy reduce non-value added idle times and result in lower manufacturing costs. The investment in these latest technologies has allowed quoting at RCM to be more competitive and meet our customer’s goals in obtaining complete aluminum die cast parts at competitive costs.  A seventh CNC machine is scheduled for delivery by the end of 2017.


RCM invests in the highest quality equipment for customer specific programs utilizing the latest technology available.  This approach provides customers distinguished service and differentiates RCM in value proposition from other aluminum die casting manufacturer’s.  One example is the Fuji CSD-300 twin spindle gantry load lathe with interactive gauging.  This highly engineered cell removes all possible human error from the process and provides customers’ comfort and confidence that each key characteristic on their product is measured 100%, real time.