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Die Casting Tooling Design with Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

As an aluminum die casting customer, your parts and on time delivery are top priorities at RCM Industries – that’s why it’s vital to finish premium parts on schedule.  RCM will assign your team a Project Engineer / Manager for your part production projects to ensure you professional and personalized service based on the plants capabilities in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). So, what is APQP?

APQP is a system of disciplined procedures used to develop your new products into production.  It is led by a Project Engineer / Manager and followed by a cross-functional group involving team members from each department.  Customers, RCM’s APQP team and vendors are all involved in the in-depth preparation process to safeguard the best production launches.

Download your die casting process flow chart.

Aluminum Die Casting Process Flow Chart 


Process Simulation in Die Casting Tooling Design

What is process simulation?  It is an engineering technique used on your aluminum die casting tooling design that enables RCM to maximize casting quality and process stability.  Simulation optimizes casting and tool design to meet your final product requirements. It helps engineers predict and correct potential casting problems proactively during the tool design stage. 

Magmasoft® software is used to simulate different versions of the runner / gating systems and thermal design to produce the most optimal product. 

  • Engineering teams simulate the full casting process from injection, to solidification, to cooling. The simulations are reviewed to identify potential trouble areas in your final product. 
  • Design-of-Experiments (DOE) is conducted to discover and eliminate as many issues as possible.
  • Simulation results are used in collaboration with your die casting design engineers and the tool vendor so necessary improvements can be implemented before die build. 
  • All of this is to give you the best possible casting design that results in premium quality parts.

See a simulation video below for your die casting tool design process.


Die Casting Tech Reviews

Aluminum Die Casting Tech ReviewAluminum die casting technical reviews at RCM Industries is a methodical approach used to develop and optimize casting design that identifies problems to find solutions for customers that will give them the highest part quality at the lowest possible cost.  The Tech Review team includes cross functional team members from all departments who look at different aspects in making a part which involves quality, casting and manufactur-ability.  Many questions are asked in the Tech Review process to determine best practices in manufacturing your parts.  Some of which include:


  • What are the project specifications?
  • What processes are required to make the parts?
  • What are the part and quality specifications?
  • How  should this be designed for manufactur-ability?
  • What is required to make a preliminary die layout?

The answers to these and many other questions are critical to designing the most robust tooling for your parts. 

Die Casting Tooling Design

Tool Design Die for Aluminum Die CastingOne of RCM’s core competencies in aluminum die casting is its robust die design standards that build powerful tools.  Tool shop partners have stated that RCM is more demanding in its aluminum die casting tooling design and requirements than other die casters in the industry and that the company’s standards exceed other die casters requirements.  That is because RCM’s standards and proficient processes produce dynamic die designs that result in making tooling that lasts longer with a higher die life. 

RCM’s reduced tooling tolerances produce fewer casting variations in your parts which result in superior casting qualities and exceptional parts.  This ensures that part quality exceeds customer expectations with reduced die wear.  You will benefit with reduced tooling cost without sacrificing performance of the tool.

The bottom line is that the robust die casting design standards that build vigorous tools result in making a premium product for you that is delivered on time.

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Production Monitoring in Die Casting 

Shotscope is an integrated process and production monitoring system that gives real time data to control processes RCM uses in aluminum die casting manufacturing. It helps control parameters that the job is to run at and is able to auto segregate parts into conforming and non-conforming parts. The results ensure you obtain premium quality parts.

Shotscope also monitors the energy usage on furnaces which can be tracked to increase efficiency and save money.  It also checks data for the water system to maintain and improve production.  These features are valuable to you as a customer because the cost savings is passed onto your part production. 

RCM employees can monitor part production from anywhere in the world and this helps in improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  You can be sure that RCM is managing your part production both at the factories as well as away from them. You benefit in this because it allows casting production to be running 24/7 which results in on time delivery.

The data provided in Shotscope helps to improve OEE production by improving cycle time repeatability, reducing machine downtime and reducing scrap by improving part quality. This provides a simplified report on Shotscope which helps employees increase production which keep costs down for you!

Die Casting Production Monitoring System Control Processes