RCM Industries Leads the Way With Six NADCA Scholarship Recipients!

RCM Industries is pleased to announce that of the twenty-three total recipients of the David Laine Memorial Scholarship, six were participants in the highly successful RCM Industries 2016 Summer Internship Program. Congratulations to Dennis Biesiada, Jack Bossong, Nick Bossong, Jack Dieters, Ryan Haas, and Joseph Schwartz on their efforts and achievements!

This North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) scholarship fund was established in 1975, and requires that students complete an internship or co-op at a die casting company or a supplier to the die casting industry prior to applying for the scholarship. The prerequisite allows students to experience hands-on training in the die casting industry. The overall accomplishments and contributions of each applying intern directly determines who receives this prestigious scholarship.

Twenty-three recipients is a record number of students that have been recognized by NADCA in a single year since the program’s inception, with scholarships totaling over $44,000. Six recipients from the RCM Industries program is also an RCM record. In fact, RCM Industries students have a 100% success rate on scholarship applications. Full bio’s on the RCM scholarship recipients and their successes can be seen later in this article.

For nearly a decade, RCM Industries has prided itself on the success of its robust Internship Program. RCM’s program provides a wide breadth of exposure for the ‘students’ to the various manufacturing and business disciplines within RCM’s multiple aluminum die casting companies. By continually searching for and employing interns who are motivated to pursue a career in die casting, RCM is able to “grow their own” and mold future die casting industry leaders. Please view our corporate internship page HERE for more information. Applications are always welcome.

Why Apply for an Internship with RCM?

  • Multiple Locations
    RCM has four prosperous, growing aluminum die casting divisions geographically located near major universities in the Chicago area, North and South Carolina.
  • Available Scholarship Funds
    Interns with RCM Industries have been consistent annual recipients of scholarship funds through the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA).
  • Learn from “Highly Skilled” Veterans Across Multiple Departments
    At RCM, you will have the opportunity to work directly with and feed off the experiences of the “highly skilled” die casting veterans.
  • Opportunities for Full-Time Offers
    After each season, full-time offers are extended to select interns and students that show initiative and the potential for a successful career in die casting.

2016 RCM Scholarship Recipient Biographies

Dennis Biesiada
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Inland Die Casting Company

Dennis is a mechanical engineering major at Milwaukee School of Engineering and spent his summer with Inland Die Casting. His main responsibilities included researching and implementing improvements to the water system at Inland, with the goal of eliminating variation in internal die cooling. His system improvements could not feasibly be implemented over the course of a summer, but installation of a reverse osmosis system, centrifugal filtration, and automated flow bypass systems are ongoing. As a result of his efforts, Dennis has received a full-time offer from Inland and will be joining the team as an engineer next summer upon graduation.

J Bossong
Jack Bossong
University of Illinois (Urbana Champaign)
Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois

Jack is an industrial engineering major at the University of Illinois and spent his summer with Aallied Die Casting Company of IL. The main project Jack worked on at Aallied was the implementation of a new standard design for end of arm tooling. This manifold design utilized atomized spray heads for more efficient usage of die lubricant. The adjustable spray heads on the end of arm design allow for different positioning for different jobs. Using the previous end of arm design, a spray manifold had to be custom fabricated for every different job, creating excessive changeover time. By the end of the summer, the team validated the manifold design yielding significant die lubricant reduction and consistent quality results.

N Bossong
Nick Bossong
Purdue University
Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois

Nick is an accounting major at Purdue University and spent his summer with Aallied Die Casting Company of IL. Nick’s internship began in accounting working with invoices and accounts payable; communicating with different departments to ensure billing accuracy. Nick’s responsibilities eventually accelerated to working on dross tracking and reporting. This dross tracking system is an RCM corporate initiative that analyzes the weight, type, and price of scrap metal to determine a numerical worth.

Jack Dieters
Northern Michigan University
Inland Die Casting Company

Jack is a mechanical engineering technology major at Northern Michigan University and spent his summer with Inland Die Casting. Jack’s main project during his time at Inland was testing and designing a pulsating spray manifold for a large die casting machine. To accomplish this, Jack created a test area where he could control the variables and measure the impact on surface cooling. The team made a hot plate and pulsating nozzle and used a FLIR thermal camera to record data. Variables tested included air pulse frequency, lubricant pulse frequency, and lubricant hose volume. Testing was successful and a pulsed spray manifold is being built for Inland at Northern Michigan University as part of Jack’s senior design project.

Joseph (Ryan) Haas
University of Alabama
Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois

Ryan is a mechanical engineering major at the University of Alabama and spent his summer with Aallied Die Casting Company of IL. While simultaneously gaining exposure to multiple departments within the organization, Ryan’s primary project was the creation of a ‘quick-quote’ tooling estimator for new business opportunities. With the goal of consistently generating new tooling pricing as accurately as possible, Ryan analyzed 110 previous tooling quotes to determine the variables that affect pricing the most. While working closely with the RCM sales department, Ryan created a platform that calculates a range of pricing for convenient and timely quoting.

Schwartz rev
Joseph Schwartz
University of Illinois (Urbana Champaign)
Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois

Joey is an environmental engineering major at University of Illinois and spent his summer with Aallied Die Casting Company of IL. Joey’s main project was the management of a 1200 ton Lester cold chamber die cast machine rebuild. This was a massive challenge for Joey in his young career. Responsibilities included working with various subcontractors, traveling, budgeting, machine parameter calculations and purchasing. Joey stated that the most valuable aspect of this project was learning how to work with and manage subcontractors. This rebuild required the use of over a dozen subcontractors and other suppliers, proving to be a challenge. Joey quickly realized the importance of proper communication and documentation practices when it comes to holding subcontractors and suppliers responsible. Joey has accepted a full-time position with Aallied and will be joining the team this summer upon graduation.

For more information on NADCA’s David Laine Memorial Scholarship Program, please visit: NADCA Laine Scholarship.