RCM Industries is Going Lean!

All four RCM Industries die casting divisions are currently making productive strides towards implementing a major “culture change” to its everyday business activities. This “culture change” is the result of the implementation of Lean Manufacturing.

True Lean is a comprehensive management system with a focus on systematic problem solving. All layers of the organization are responsible for identifying value in their process and eliminating waste. With a foundation of standardization and incremental continuous improvement, benefits can be achieved for customers, employees, and the organization as a whole. Through training at the University of Kentucky (UK), each RCM division is modeling their company vision after the Toyota Production System, then developing strategies to transform and sustain.

A successful culture change is dependent upon 100% commitment from all levels of the organization, ranking from executive to management to individual team member. By committing to the “8 steps of the Systematic Problem Solving Process”, either on paper or in thinking & behavior, the culture change will be successful and ultimately lead to improved quality, lead-times, cost, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

The first RCM divisions to start their Lean journey are Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois and Imperial Die Casting. “Lean transformation teams” with team leaders have been identified for both divisions and trained at UK’s 3-week True Lean Systems Certification course taught by Toyota veterans. In addition to these “Lean transformation teams”, management and executive training at UK is also underway, with training for all members of the RCM executive team expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

Aallied Die Casting Company of North Carolina and Inland Die Casting plan to kick off their Lean training in the late half of summer 2015, with transformation teams being sent to UK throughout the calendar year.

For additional information pertaining to RCM Industries’ Lean journey, please do not hesitate to contact us. For additional information on the training programs provided by the University of Kentucky, please view: https://www.lean.uky.edu/.True Lean Sharpened