RCM Industries, Inc. kicks off the 2016 Summer Internship Program!

For nearly a decade, RCM Industries has prided itself on the success of its robust Internship Program. Coming out of the recent recession, the dangerous skills gap in US manufacturing has yet to fully recover, meaning there is a lack of available skilled workers in the marketplace. To battle this gap, RCM Industries continues to be proactive in the offering of various Internship, Cooperative education, and Apprenticeship opportunities.

Our programs provide a wide breadth of exposure for our “students” to the various manufacturing and business disciplines within RCM’s multiple aluminum die casting divisions. In addition, RCM Interns are consistent annual recipients of scholarship funds through the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) for their efforts and achievements.

As a result of this proactivity, RCM is able to “grow their own” as the talent is able to feed off the experiences of the “highly skilled” die casting veterans. After each season, full time offers are extended to select interns and students that show initiative and potential for a successful career in die casting.

With the 2016 summer season upon us, RCM Industries has brought on board ten interns with backgrounds ranging from business administration, supply chain management, IT & industrial automation, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering. The departments of focus include maintenance, engineering, process, production scheduling, and IT. Each intern has been assigned a large scale project to manage and keep them challenged throughout the summer.

Intern Luncheon

On Friday, June 10th as a team-building activity, Inland Die Casting in Wheeling, Illinois served as host to a luncheon for the 2016 summer interns at RCM’s Midwestern manufacturing divisions. At this luncheon, current interns and past interns who are now full-time employees of RCM were able to introduce one another and share stories of their experiences and backgrounds. A plant tour of Inland concluded the event.

For more information on RCM’s Internship program, please visit: RCM Careers- Internship Program