RCM Industries, Inc. Employs Young Talent to Bridge the Growing Skills Gap in U.S. Manufacturing.

As the US economy continues to rebound from the recent recession, a dangerous skills gap has developed within the US manufacturing industry. Manufacturing, not limited to die casting, has yet to recover the skilled jobs lost in the recession, which has resulted in a lack of available skilled workers in the marketplace. This threatens future production growth and expansion.

With the average age of the “highly skilled worker” approaching the upper 50’s, manufacturing companies must become very proactive in the recruitment, training, and development of the next generation. To battle this growing gap, RCM Industries, Inc. continues to be proactive in the offering of various Internship, Cooperative education, and Apprenticeship opportunities. Our programs provide a wide breadth of exposure for our “students” to the various manufacturing and business disciplines within RCM’s multiple divisions.

As a result of this proactivity, RCM is able to “grow their own” as the talent is able to feed off the experiences of the “highly skilled” die casting veterans. After each season, full time offers are extended to select interns and students that show initiative and the potential for a successful career in die casting.

The start of the 2014 fall season marks the end of another successful summer of Internships and Co-ops for RCM. RCM was able to provide valuable die casting experience to 11 students from various universities around the United States, including but not limited to Clemson University, Purdue University, University of Dayton, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.

Technical disciplines within the manufacturing environment make up the greatest presence, and students are able to gain valuable experience and contribute to various quality, maintenance, industrial engineering, human resource, purchasing, production, and safety activities. A true two-way benefit is achieved. In addition, multiple RCM interns have been consistent annual recipients of scholarship funds through the North American Die Casting Association’s David Laine Intern & Scholarship Program.

As a result of these successes, RCM Industries remains one of the largest custom aluminum die casting suppliers in North America, with the ability to grow and expand operations without limitation.

For more information pertaining to RCM Industries, Inc. and its four domestic aluminum die casting divisions, please visit us at www.rcmindustries.com or contact us at [email protected] or (847) 455-1950.