Quality Systems

Product Quality in Die Casting Parts at RCM

Each RCM Industries die casting division is certified to IAFT 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management Systems. We instill accountability for product quality in every team member who participates in your custom die casting products. RCM’s facilities are measured by industry-wide metrics that drive our team to continuously improve performance for you.

All told, RCM’s diecasting companies helps us stand out as an integrated organization that applies die casting automation process controls at every stage of production for every industry served.

Each RCM manufacturing facility maintains a quality assurance laboratory which is capable of effectively managing product compliance to specification. Process monitoring and quality audits occur at every stage of die casting to consistently maintain our strict density and porosity standards.

RCM team members participate in Quality Assurance training and demonstrate expertise in Statistical Process Control procedures to monitor, test, and analyze each customized casting cycle to your exacting standards.

Die Casting Parts and Advanced Product Quality Planning

Meeting discussing diecast part
As an IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management Systems requirement, RCM Industries is well versed in Advanced Product Quality Planning, or APQP, activities. RCM’s team will review your die casting part design to improve castability and/or eliminate further processing in order to reduce your total part pricing. Reducing machining stock on machined castings will minimize the likelihood of porosity.

Die Casting Parts Quality Control

RCM’s four divisions have coordinate measuring machines (CMM) that compare your die casting parts in production to three-dimensional models stored in our database. CMM’s gage variances between these parts and the models and incorporate in-production controls as needed.

In addition to CMM, RCM’s QC lab capabilities include spectrometers for metallurgical analysis of alloys, destructive testing, pressure and leak testing, gaging, real-time shot monitoring, and real-time x-ray. For additional details pertaining to RCM’s extensive utilization of real-time shot monitoring, please visit our manufacturing expertise page.

You can be confident that, regardless of standard or customized design specification, the RCM team will closely monitor for visual and structural accuracy during every production run.

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