New Die Casting Machine with Robotic Technology

RCM Industries, Inc. has recently received, set-up and programmed its newest die casting cell at Aallied Die Casting of Illinois in Franklin Park.  The die cast cell went through numerous test runs before being put into service with robotic automation technology.  The robots are manufactured by ABB with models 4600 and 6600 being utilized in this die casting cell.  The 4600 will be dedicated for ladling metal while the 6600 will be tasked with robotic extraction, spraying, quenching and auto trim load.

The die casting machine is manufactured by Lester and is capable of pure 1200-ton performance with up to 100 cycles per hour feed rate (based on the application); the minimum and maximum die size ranges are 30” x 30” and 52” x 44”, respectively.

RCM Industries President Dan Twarog stated: “As we begin in 2018 and business conditions improve in the many markets RCM serves, we have strategized to significantly reinvest in all four of our divisions in order to become more efficient in all aspects of our operations.

We anticipate that our new stack melter’s will significantly improve our casting quality while reducing dross and saving on gas consumption.  RCM has purchased two new die casting machines and has another four machines slated to replace existing machines within in the next nine months.  These new machines will increase utilization and provide a rapid payback.

Our employees are energized by the infusion of new equipment and technology.  A motivated workforce helps to quickly and successfully implement our strategic reinvestment efforts.”