Multiple RCM Industries Divisions Presented with 2013 NADCA Safety Awards!

Multiple RCM divisions have been awarded 2013 NADCA safety awards! Imperial Die Casting, located in Liberty, South Carolina, has been awarded the “Perfect” award. Companies that maintained a safety record during 2013 with 0 lost days/transfers/restrictions are awarded with a “Perfect” award. Inland Die Casting, located in Wheeling, IL, as well as Aallied Die Casting Company of North Carolina, located in Rutherfordton, NC, have been awarded “Outstanding” awards.

NADCA recognizes corporate members whose operations have a strong focus on their employee’s safety and well-being. These prestigious safety awards are to be presented during the 2014 NADCA Die Casting Congress & Tabletop in Milwaukee, WI in September.

The receipt of these multiple NADCA safety awards for all four RCM Industries die casting divisions over the past few years are a direct result of efforts made by RCM and each division to provide a safe working environment for every employee.

2014 Safety Efforts and Achievements: 

Two independent outside services have been called upon to assist with the continued development and training of various safety programs. One outside consulting firm has been contracted to run company-wide monthly safety meetings. These meetings train and update all employees on applicable safety standards, as well as communicate recent safety achievements and efforts. RCM participants contribute to champion their areas of responsibility. An additional outside consultant has been contracted to help ensure that all safety programs are well implemented and up-to-date. This includes monthly safety inspections, walk-around’s, and one-on-one communications with employees.

Internal champions have been designated for various safety programs, including fall protection, molten metal safety, material handling, and forklift safety. One such program worth noting is the yellow-tag program. This is a program that empowers every worker in the plant. When an issue presents itself at a particular piece of equipment, employees take immediate actions to eliminate potential hazards.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been upgraded and best practices have been revised and implemented. An example is in metal handling activities. Best practices include the addition of flashing strobe lights to the bull ladles transporting molten aluminum from the furnace area to the die cast machines, in addition to flashing strobe lights being added to the furnace rooms to clearly communicate when activities are occurring.

During school breaks, Interns are instrumental in assisting with various safety projects. Areas of focus included metal handler safety, new hire orientations, management of safety action items, MSDS administration and emergency action planning.

RCM Industries is proud of its employees and their ongoing efforts towards providing a safe working environment for all.