Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois

3021 Cullerton Drive
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Phone 847 455-1950
Fax 847 455-8737  

Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois was founded in 1951 in Franklin Park, Illinois, and serves as the headquarters of RCM Industries, Inc. Eventually growing to a 108,000 square foot modern facility, Aallied is among a handful of firms recognized as key to the development of modern die casting. As an RCM division, Aallied has full access to the leading-edge resources of the combined RCM corporate-wide operations. Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois is also a world leader in the production of 390 aluminum die castings. As a leading 390 aluminum die caster, Aallied is a preferred choice for your special application requiring high strength, fluidity and wear-resistance and bearing properties.

For further information regarding any of our processes or capabilities, please contact us at [email protected]

Aallied’s Capabilities

Grand Total Manufacturing Space:

108,000 square feet

Alloys Cast:

360, 380, 413, and 390 Aluminum

Quality System Certifications:

SO/TS 16949: 2009- Certified by BSI Group America Inc.

Die Casting Capabilities:

  • (16) state of the art die casting machines ranging from 500 tons to 1600 tons.
  • Squeeze casting capability.
  • Vacuum assist available on all machines.
  • Central melt furnaces with high efficiency holding furnaces at each machine for best alloy temperature control.
  • Automatic alloy ladling, automatic die spraying, and robotic casting extraction for greatest repeatability.
  • Hydraulic trim presses ranging from 15 tons to 50 tons.

Secondary Processes:

Shot blasting, vibratory, and heat treating (artificial aging).

Contracted Processes:

Polishing, buffing, painting (wet, powder, and e-coat), anodizing, and plating (decorative and hard chrome finishes).

CNC Machining:

  • (10) vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers and lathes.
  • Dedicated and flexible type machining centers.

Engineering Capabilities:

  • Full engineering and toolroom services.
  • Aallied offers in-house metal flow and thermal analysis utilizing MAGMASOFT Simulation Software.
  • Models accepted in various formats including Solidworks, Pro-E, Autodesk, and Unigraphics.

QC Lab Capabilities:

  • Spectrometer for metallurgical analysis of alloys, metallurgical lab for micro-structural analysis, real-time X-ray, CMM’s, destructive testing, pressure/leak-testing, and gaging.
  • Real-time shot monitoring system.

Rapid Prototyping:

  • Aallied offers a full-range of rapid-prototyping services and can assist you in determining the best process to meet your requirements (e.g., timing and functionality).
  • Activities include engineering, tool build, process management (e.g., machine complete from billet, sand-cast, plaster-cast, investment cast, die cast in P20 tooling, etc.), inspection and delivery.