Inland Die Casting Awarded a 2014 NADCA International Die Casting Design Award!

Inland Die Casting Company, a division of RCM Industries, is a proud recipient of a 2014 International Die Casting Design Award, presented by the North American Die Casting Association. For the last 41 years, NADCA has sponsored this competition to showcase outstanding die cast designs while acknowledging the continuous contribution die casters provide to the manufacturing industry.

“The winning castings are a snapshot of the advancements made in die casting capabilities”, said NADCA President Daniel Twarog. “Every die caster has pushed the limits of the process and demonstrated that geometric complexity, quality and cost savings can be accomplished.” For each entry category, there are four equally weighted criteria: ingenuity of casting and/or product design, overall quality, cost savings as compared to other manufacturing processes and the part’s contribution to expanding the market for die castings. NADCA will honor this year’s award winners at the 2014 Die Casting Design Competition Luncheon on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 during the Die Casting Congress & Tabletop programming in Milwaukee, WI.

Inland Die Casting won the design award for the aluminum die casting 5 to 10 lbs category. The winning “washing machine trunnion with cast-in steel insert” is a 380 aluminum casting weighting 5.13 lbs. It is used to align and support the tub and agitation system. Successful up-front engineering with the customer through extensive computer modeling, flow distance prediction, thermal balancing and gating calculations on both part design and die design contributed to good castability and the success of part validation.