The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) has developed the new IATF standard.  IATF 16949:2016 is the new global industry standard that has replaced the previous technical standard TS 16949:2009 for the automotive manufacturing industry.  The International Automotive Business Management standard has replaced the old technical standard that defines the specifications of a Business Management System for organizations and their suppliers in the automotive manufacturing industry.

The new IATF 16949:2016 standard adds two clauses – Leadership and Context of the Organization, including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Internal and Supplier Development and Auditor Competency
  • Customer-Specified Requirements

What is IATF Standard Risk Assessment in Diecasting?

Risk assessment and mitigation of the risks in IATF is one of the biggest aspects in the new standard.  RCM looks at not just products produced for its customers, but also at all of the processes and the risks that are involved.  RCM is taking into account risks that have never been in processes throughout each of its die casting manufacturing locations. All areas are involved in the risk assessment.

IATF Quality Standards in Die Casting

Diecasting Risk Assessment Documentation at RCM Industries includes:

  • Customer specific requirements and the effects of those requirements
  • Activities or processes
  • Control methods
  • Risk classification
  • Recommended actions and more

IATF Standard Internal Auditing in Diecasting

RCM’s Lead Auditors obtained training in the IATF standard and then put training materials together for its Internal Auditors.  They trained Internal Auditors to meet the stringent IATF standard. Competency tests were developed by the Lead Auditors for the Internal Auditors.  Then, all areas were scheduled for internal audits to verify company compliance. 

IATF Diecasting Standard Supplier Development

Aluminum Die Casting Safety

One updated area in the IATF standard is supplier development. The IATF wants automotive manufacturers and their partners to show more influence and regulation of their suppliers with on-site audits and monitoring.

The IATF standard is for all supply chains in the automotive industry. Die casters supply directly as well as indirectly to the automotive industry and therefore are required to be certifiedRCM is required to use suppliers that are certified as well and will be auditing its suppliers both now and in the future. Having an ISO certification is the first step to towards the IATF.

RCM Cares About Your Diecasting Parts

A Quality Engineer customer once told an RCM employee:

 “If every supplier just gives us one defect every other month, that would shut us down.” 

RCM strives for Zero Defects in your parts quality management and safety and that’s why “Drive 4 Zero” is not just a slogan hanging on a wall.  It means RCM Drives for Zero Defects and Zero Accidents in all of its plants.

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