Die Cast Parts Galleries

As a result of our diverse customer base and broad manufacturing die casting capabilities across four die casting manufacturing locations, RCM Industries offers you a diverse portfolio of die casting examples ranging from less than 1 lb. to well above 30 lbs. To view examples of our product photos, please click on the links below.

Small Die Casting Parts

We die cast parts smaller than 0.10 pounds in high volume applications utilizing multi-cavity die casting tooling to optimize good parts per hour and economic piece prices.

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Medium Die Casting Parts

RCM Industries, Inc. has a strong fleet of die casting machines in the 600 ton to 1200 ton range to meet a variety of mid to high volume needs over multiple customers and industries served.

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Large Die Casting Parts

RCM Industries, Inc. has multiple die casting machines in the 1300 ton to 1800 ton range.  If you are trying to design multiple parts into one single geometry, RCM can offer you viable solutions.

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