“Chinese Die Cast Tooling: A Committed Approach to Cost Savings.” A White Paper by RCM Industries

Chinese Die Cast Tooling- A Committed Approach to Cost Savings- Cover Page

In today’s economic climate, the die casting industry as a whole faces multiple obstacles in attracting new customers while trying to retain and grow existing accounts. Between competition and capacity growth from low-cost-countries (LCC’s), domestic die casters are challenged now more than ever to offer competitive global pricing while maintaining the highest level of quality.

One method of overcoming this obstacle is the proper procurement of die cast tooling from tool shops located in these low-cost-countries. RCM Industries has developed a strategy that differs from the traditional approach taken by many die casting companies in the USA and Europe. For the past two years, RCM has designed and implemented a strategy created to find and develop multiple suppliers in China that can provide lower cost tooling without compromising tool standards or tool life.

For detailed information on the success of the RCM strategy and the associated benefits for our end-customers, please view the full white paper by clicking on the document above or by clicking here: Chinese Die Cast Tooling: A Committed Approach to Cost Savings.