Die Casting Capabilities

High Pressure Die Casting

RCM Industries’ four manufacturing facilities are strategically located to meet the various high pressure aluminum die casting, CNC machining and finishing needs of a wide variety of markets. As a leading high pressure aluminum die caster, each RCM division has expertise in producing premium quality aluminum die castings requiring close tolerances, pressure tightness, good surface finish, and various secondary operations.

Each RCM division has full access to the leading-edge resources of the combined RCM corporate-wide operations. In summary, each RCM division casts multiple alloys, performs many various secondary operations, and has dedicated and CNC machining centers for the parts we cast.

You will find a summary RCM’s corporate wide manufacturing capabilities. For information on the capabilities of an individual RCM division, please visit our locations link. For further information regarding any of our corporate processes or capabilities, please contact us at sales@rcmindustries.com.

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Our Company Capabilities

Manufacturing Space

Grand Total Manufacturing Space: 404,000 square feet

Alloys Cast

304, 360, 365, 380, 383, 413, and 390 Aluminum

CNC Machining

Vertical, Horizontal, Single Spindle and Twin Spindle Lathe CNC machining centers, as well as dedicated and flexible type machining centers.

Quality Management Certs

All Divisions: IATF 16949:2016

Engineering Capabilities

Full engineering and toolroom services, as well as in-house metal flow and thermal analysis utilizing MAGMASOFT® Simulation Software.

Die Casting Capabilities

State of the art die casting machines ranging from 600 tons to 1800 tons.

QC Lab Capabilities

Spectrometer for metallurgical analysis of alloys, real-time X-ray, CMM’s, destructive testing, pressure/ leak-testing, gaging, and real time shot monitoring.

Secondary Processes

Various in-house and contracted secondary processes including shotblast, vibratory debur, sanding, ball burnishing, impregnation, polish, buffing, painting, anodizing, and plating.

Rapid Prototyping

Each RCM company offers a full-range of rapid-prototyping services and can assist you in determining the best process to meet your requirements (e.g., timing and functionality).

Activities include engineering, tool build, process management, inspection and delivery.

Manufacturing Capabilities Illustration

When you look at the big picture in custom die casting, many competitors offer some of these similar attributes, but for top value and performance, the sum total is what really counts. This is why the RCM Industries family of companies has been able to provide quality castings to customers dating back over 60 years.

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