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A small sampling of some of the original parts cast by Aallied.

The storied history of RCM Industries, Inc. and its die casting companies dates back to 1951 with the founding of Aallied Die Casting & Manufacturing Company in a dirt floor garage with a single light bulb. Aallied, which was given two A’s in its name so that it would always show up first in the local phone book, later moved to its present location in Franklin Park, Illinois in 1965.



Aallied Die Casting & Mfg. Co., circa 1965

Nearly 50 years later, the now named Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois has grown to a 108,000 square foot facility and has served as the administrative headquarters of RCM Industries since its incorporation in 1990.  Today, Aallied is one of the handful of firms recognized as key to the development of modern die day casting companies.

history-006As Aallied prospered throughout the 1960’s and 70’s as a premier local source of high quality aluminum die casting solutions, Inland Die Casting in Wheeling, Illinois was acquired in 1977 as a small subsidiary of Aallied Die Casting originally. With this expansion, the company was then able to supply larger, national customers at an increasing rate.

Inland Die Casting has since grown to a 106,000 square foot stand-alone die casting company.

After a decade of expansion, Imperial Die Casting, located in Liberty, South Carolina, was acquired in 1988. Originally founded in 1966, opened up a new regional window of opportunity for the company in the Southeast United States.

Soon after, Aallied Die Casting Company of North Carolina was built to further expand the company’s presence in the Southeast.


Original RCM Industries Logo- circa 1990

The acquisition of Imperial and the founding of Aallied in North Carolina gave the company four stand-alone, modern die casting companies. Therefore, in 1990, RCM Industries was founded as the parent company to the four existing die casting companies. Today, RCM Industries, Inc. is one of the largest privately owned companies of its kind, serving customers around the globe with high quality custom aluminum die castings.