Aallied Die Casting Co. of North Carolina attends the annual Fall Engineering Picnic at UNC- Charlotte!

In today’s manufacturing environment, a dangerous skills gap has developed as a result of the skilled jobs lost to the recent recession as well as the off-shoring of production to low-cost-countries. This lack of available skilled workers in the marketplace, while not limited to die casting, threatens future production growth and expansion. In an effort to reverse this trend, RCM Industries has been very proactive in the recruitment, training and development of the next generation of talent.

As an example, Aallied Die Casting Company of North Carolina recently attended the annual fall recruiting, career exploration and networking picnic at the University of North Carolina- Charlotte. At this annual event, Aallied personnel were able to educate hundreds of prospective candidates on the die casting industry and opportunities within RCM’s family of aluminum die casting companies. In all, many “high potential” candidates were identified by Aallied for both internship and full-time opportunities.

For more information on the various internship, co-op and apprenticeship opportunities with RCM Industries, please visit RCM Careers- Internship/ Co-Op/ Apprenticeship Programs.