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Your success in finding a custom aluminum die casting manufacturer depends on meeting with a company that demonstrates customer confidence in diecasting manufacturing. As an OEM Tier 1, Tier 2 Engineer or Purchasing Manager, you need meticulous service and precision engineered die castings for your parts.

How can RCM help you as your aluminum die casting manufacturer?
RCM uses advanced computer technology in robotic die casting manufacturing automation systems to build your custom aluminum die castings, giving you optimization with top quality, precision parts. You have strict specifications and needs for the die casting parts you want manufactured. You want a die casting manufacturer that follows aluminum die casting best practices.

RCM Industries is a custom aluminum die casting company that seeks to understand your needs to get you the premium quality parts you want on budget now – with real results. For nearly 70 years, RCM has helped customers every step of the way with product quality in die casting and RCM will help you, too. That’s because your needs matter to us at RCM and we are here to help you, as your partner in aluminum die casting.

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