Product Quality

product-qualityEach RCM manufacturing facility maintains a quality assurance laboratory which is capable of effectively managing product compliance to specification. Process monitoring and quality audits occur at every stage of die casting to consistently maintain our strict density and porosity standards.

RCM team members participate in Quality Assurance training and demonstrate expertise in Statistical Process Control procedures to monitor, test and analyze each customized casting cycle to your exacting standards.

Our facilities conform to TS 16949 quality management systems, as well as a variety of automotive standards. We instill accountability for product quality in every team member who participates in your custom casting project. RCM’s facilities are measured by industry-wide metrics that drive our team to continuously improve performance for you.

All told, RCM’s family of companies helps us RCM Industries stand out as an integrated organization that applies technology-leading process controls at every stage of production for every industry served.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

RCM’s team will review your part design to improve castability and/or eliminate further processing in order to reduce your total part pricing. Reducing machining stock on machined castings will minimize the likelihood of porosity.

Vacuum-Assisted Die Casting Improves Structural Integrity

Fully automated die casting cells with vacuum assist processes for porosity control are an example of RCM’s advanced technology that ensures structural integrity and part consistency.

Near Net-Shaped Castings Reduce Costs

Net-shaped castings require little or no additional machining procedures eliminating extraneous manufacturing costs by holding tight tolerances throughout production to deliver finished product quality. By eliminating the extra machining needs of many parts, production can run expediently and efficiently while adhering to quality standards.

Surface Treatments Improve Appearance

RCM has the capability to remove burrs and sharp edges from finished parts. We utilize ball burnishing to smooth part surface areas without abrasives and shot blasting to clean parts and produce a high-shine presentation.

Extraordinary Surface Integrity Enhances Functionality and Appearance

The surface integrity of RCM castings minimizes the requirements for applying custom finishes, thus lowering your production costs. Our processes reduce the amount and size of porosity near the surface of your casting to create the ideal conditions for custom finishes.